Sequential Injection AFS
Product overview
Quick Details
•	Place of Origin:Beijing, China (Mainland)
•	Brand Name:Beijing Titan Instruments Co.,Ltd.
•	Model Number:AFS-8230
•	Size: 690mm(L) X 480mm(W) X 360mm(H)
•	Weight:80KG
•	Working Voltage:AC220V±20V,50Hz
•	Average Standby Power:100VA
•	Room Temperature:10℃-30℃


Main Features: 

Simultaneously determine two elements at two different channels by time-sharing at trace level , such as AsSeHgSbPbBiSnGeTeCdZn etc

Built-in sequential injection sample introducing system

Automatic standard curve generation, on-line dilution, and reducing reagent (masking reagent) feeding

Light source drifting and impulse deduction device

Patented chemical vapor gas/liquid separator, on-line reducing reagent bubble removal

Trap system for toxic elements in exhaust gas

Polar autosampler with 80 sample racks or XYZ autosampler with 130 sample racks (optional)

Automatic self-check, gas route control, protection and warning system

Novel shield quartz atomizer

Adopt aggregate-pulse power supply for light source, Covered optical system

Support 10 blanks and 10 sample calibration solutions, optional introduction for sample and blank, saving the sample and avoiding the pollution



Technical Parameter:


As Se Pb Bi Sb Te Sn :  <0.01µg/L

           Hg Cd:                    <0.001µg/L

           Ge:                      <0.05µg/L

           Zn:                       <1.0µg/L

RSD:                                 <1

Linear Range             > 3 orders of magnitude



Food, Public Health, Environmental, Geochemical, Metallurgical, Water, Agricultural, Clinical, Education, Cosmetic, Soil, Animal Feeds, Fertilizers, Textile & Fibre Samples.