Peristaltic Pump AFS
Product overview
Quick Details
•	Place of Origin:Beijing, China (Mainland)
•	Brand Name:Beijing Titan Instruments Co.,Ltd.
•	Model Number:AFS-8230
•	Size: 680mm(L) X 630mm(W) X 500mm(H)
•	Weight:50KG
•	Working Voltage:AC220V±20V,50Hz
•	Average Standby Power:100VA
•	Room Temperature:10℃-30℃


Main Features:

Simultaneously determine two elements at two different channels by time-sharing at trace level

Such as AsSeHgSbPbCdTeSnBiGeZn

Built-in peristaltic pump sample introduction system

Adopt aggregate-pulse power supply for light source

Novel shield quartz atomizer

Automatic self-check, gas route control, on-line cleaning , protection and warning system

Polar autosampler with sample rack 160 X 10ml

Integration module design, suitable for in field vehicle portable analysis

Chemical vapor gas/liquid separator (Patented)

Trap system for toxic elements in exhaust gas (Patented)

Standard RS-232/485 computer interface , new and reliable Windows98/Me/2000/XP /WIN7operation software English version)

Automatic sample measure and system diagnostic, diverse report formats and professional HELP system


Technical Parameter




As Se Pb Bi Sb Te Sn :  <0.01µg/L

           Hg Cd:                    <0.001µg/L

           Ge:                      <0.05µg/L

           Zn:                       <1.0µg/L

RSD:                                 <1

Linear Range             > 3 orders of magnitude





Food, Public Health, Environmental, Geochemical, Metallurgical, Water, Agricultural, Clinical, Education, Cosmetic, Soil, Animal Feeds, Fertilizers, Textile & Fibre Samples.