Speciation Analyzer-20
Product overview
Quick Details
•	Place of Origin:Beijing, China (Mainland)
•	Brand Name:Beijing Titan Instruments Co.,Ltd.
•	Model Number:SA-20
•	Size: 680mm(L) X 630mm(W) X 500mm(H)
•	     520mm(L) X 450mm(W) X 450mm(H)
•	Weight:70KG
•	Working Voltage:AC220V±20V,50Hz
•	Average Standby Power:100VA
•	Room Temperature:10℃-30℃


 Main Features:

    Separation and determination of As,Se,Sb and Hg species

    Dual-channel simultaneous analysis for species of As&Se,As&Sb

    Unique LC-AFS interface with efficient hydride generation and gas transportation

    Online UV digestion/reductin system: avoid post-column peak broadening with short pipeline

    All types of Titan AFS instruments can be upgraded to the speciation analyzers


Instrument Performance



Food, Environmental, Geological Metallurgical, Water, Agriculture, Clinical, Education/Scientific research.